Resume Guiding

Resume Guiding

Good Samaritan Club has decided to resume guiding activities while taking thorough measures to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. We would like to ask you to note the following before proceeding with the application process.


  • Guided tours are limited to 3 hours or less and do not include eating

⇒Before the spread of Covid-19, guided tours that included eating for one or two days or more were normal. However, in order to prevent the spread of infection, we have established this restriction.


  • After applying for a guide, a member of our club will send you an e-mail asking you about your plan, and we ask you to reply that e-mail as soon as possible.

Please note that we may not be able to accommodate applications made just before the day you wish to have a guide.

  ⇒This is because we need to report the activities of the club members to our university, and so, we need to decide guiding dates and locations as early as possible.





  • ガイドは飲食を伴わない3時間以内のものとさせていただきます。





  • ガイドのお申し込み後、部員からプランを考えさせていただく上でのヒアリングのメールをお送りしますが、そのメールにお早めに返信をお願いいたします。