Good Samaritan Club


1. Contact

When we receive your reservation, we will immediately give you back a reply.

At the same, the information will be sent to every member of our club.

If there is anyone available on the day you requested, he/she will be your guide.
As soon as your guide is decided, he/she will contact you personally.

Your guide will help you plan your day according to your wishes.Where to go, eat, see, transportation tools and so on.

Or, you can simply leave all to us. We guarantee to make your tour satisfactory.

Once we have matched you with a guide, we will inform you of this, generally one week before the intended tour date.

In the event that an email informing you of your assigned tour guide does not come a week in advance of your intended tour date, then there is a strong possibility that we will not be able to guide you on that day. We are all students, so please understand that completing school work is also our priority.

2. On The Guide’s Day

On the day of your tour, your guide will meet you up to your hotel.

Then your guide will help you ride transportation tools, buy entrance tickets, order lunch and explain the history behind the Kyoto’s ancient temples and shrines.

All in all, we will do our best to make your stay in Kyoto to become an unforgettable experience!



Almost all of our members have Facebook accounts, and we keep in touch with our tourists via Facebook after guide.

We also have a Facebook account as Good Samaritan Club, which inform you about our club, Kyoto and Japanese culture.

If you have enjoyed your guide, please leave comments on that.

We are also appreciate if you give us the feedback of your guide via an account you made or our Trip Advisor.