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If you have any questions which are not answered in this page, please ask us from the form below:

Q.When can we make a reservation?
You can make a reservation not until three month before the date you would like to know if we can arrange a guide for you or not.

Q.Do you offer guides in areas other than Kyoto, such as Tokyo?
A.No, unfortunately we only offer tours in Kyoto.

Q.How much do we have to pay for your service?
A.Since we are volunteer guides, you do not need to pay for our service.
However, please pay fees for transportation, entrance and a meals.

Q.Can you guide us in French/Mandarin/Spanish?
A.No. We are sorry, but we currently only offer a tour in English.

Q.How many members are there in your club?
A.About 100.

Q.Can you recommend a good hotel in Kyoto?
A.No. We cannot recommend a hotel.

Q.Can you guide us half a day?
A.Yes, we can.



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