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GSC Guide Services Policies, Terms and Conditions

Your Acceptance of the following policies, terms and conditions is required for booking our free guide.

1.About Good Samaritan Club

Good Samaritan Club, “GSC”, is a group of university students provides volunteer guides for foreign tourists, “guest(s)”, in Kyoto, Japan.


-GSC makes no claims or guarantees as to the qualifications or experience of its guides.

-Typically, GSC offers ONE guide per a group of guests. If you are 7 and more members, GSC can offer additional guides.

-Usually, you will have one guide for one group. However, while our members are busy for some reasons(exams, classwork, or homework etc…), you may have two guides (one for morning, and another for afternoon).

-There are no predetermined routes of destinations. When your guide is found, please consult him/her about your tour.

-GSC guides will do their best to suggest custom itineraries based upon the needs of each group of guests.

-You can send a request from 3 months in advance to the previous day.

On every first Saturday of the month, we have to finish our services by 3 p.m. because of the meeting in the evening.


While GSC guide services are free of charge, guests are responsible for the following expenses:

-TRAVEL EXPENSES INCURRED BY THE GUIDE while conducting a tour for the guests. These include any and all public transportation fees incurred after meeting the guest at the appointed meeting place

-ADMISSION FEES to museums, temples, shrines, events etc. incurred by the guide while providing guide services

-MEALS eaten by the guide while providing services to the guest(s)

-EXPENSES for any additional guides as well


GSC Privacy Policy

Before booking, you need to read and agree to the GSC Privacy Policy. If you click “Agree”, you can go on booking.

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If you have any question about booking, please contact us.
(We can answer questions such as “Can we ask you a guide during tea ceremony”,”Confirm mail has not delivered”, and cannot answer whether there are any guide available on a day.)