☆Guide of the Month☆ 〜October 2015〜

It is getting colder in Kyoto. However, It will be soon the fall foliage season!! I think autumn is the best season to Visit Kyoto!
As always, we would like to share a message we received from a tourist of our members guided. Thank you for your message! We’re glad you enjoyed your day in Kyoto!
Yuko lead us to the attractions we visited. Gave us a lot of information on the things we saw, life in Japan and her own personal life.

*From Yuko Uchiyama*

I had a really good time with Oded and Hana and trainee, Akane.
They were curios about many Japanese cultures,histories, politics.
So, We talked a lot and each conversation became my precious memory. Also, I will not forget that we had a breakfast sitting on the street just in front of Seven Eleven!
All thinks to Oded and Hana!!